Built In Bedroom Cupboards and Studies

Lack of bedroom cupboard space is a thing of the past, with our innovative space-saving designs. We use intelligent 3D designs, coupled with unmatched industry experience and make each and every nook and cranny conveniently work FOR YOU!

Wider is Wiser

Wider shelves may increase packing space

As you can see by the diagram we’ve put together, we’ve come up with a way to add more packing space, to the same size cupboard. Conventional cabinetry will have your split the packing space to either side of the hanging space, whereas we build your packing space side-by-side which means you have 0.67m packing space per item of clothing. That’s AMAZING yet so simple!

Drawers at Arms Length

Drawers below

Who can do without drawer space? We all have items of clothing which need to be conveniently stored without too much fuss about whether they’ll end up rolling over on top of the item next to it. We offer a range of beautifully designed built-in cupboards with conveniently located drawers.

Be inspired by some of our recent built-in bedroom cabinetry work!

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