Reception Area Office Furniture

Make your first impression with your clients COUNT by welcoming them into an area of shear elegance and function-friendliness.

With Bay Kitchen’s office cabinetry designs in both reception desks and coffee stations, you can be sure your clients will know as they enter your office that “you mean business”.

Be sure to view all of our cabinetry solutions for the home or business and see if you can spot your dream design within our previous project galleries.

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Our Services


Our kitchen design team put allot of thought and planning into the design and layout of your kitchen to make sure it’s practical as well as functional while looking stunning.


Calling a house a home means a part of you lives and breathes is every room of that house. No two families are alike, that’s why renovations are an intricate part of transforming a house into a home.


Our bathroom designers use state of the art design software to make sure your furniture is every bit what is needed and tailored for your specific needs.